The Experience:

    -Relaxing guided meditation

    -Recliner with soothing vibration

    -Noise canceling headphones

    -Foot massager


    -Eye mask

    -Complete privacy

"Mindfulness in the workplace" is something you may have heard lately. Many businesses are offering meditation app subscriptions, group meditations, or chair massages to their employees. We have combined the best parts of all of those options. Inner/Mission was created to bring you a better and more effective mindfulness choice. Inner/Mission provides an innovative relaxation experience by involving all of your senses in the privacy of a modern and portable pod. The pod comes to you and each session only takes 10 minutes. Inner/Mission is a perfect addition to your current wellness program, stress management program, party, convention, special event, or any day of the week!  We are based in Phoenix, AZ, proudly serving the Valley of the Sun.

Inner/Mission was founded by Annemarie Ruggiero, COTA/L, CCWC. She is an Occupational Therapy practitioner and Certified Corporate Wellness Coach. She has experience with all age groups focusing on rehabilitation, stress-reduction, ergonomics and mindfulness techniques to improve quality of life. Combining healthcare knowledge with mindfulness is at the core of Inner/Mission. 

I started designing and building the Inner/Mission Pod prototype in my garage. The first one was held together by a lot of duct tape, velcro,  and many pleas of "Oh please stay!" After years of research and trying countless materials and products, my design finally came together.

I sometimes get asked "Is it basically just a tent?" The answer is: definitely not! Many years and thousands of dollars went into research and development to create this unique, portable and sound-reduced relaxation experience. Each and every element was carefully designed and selected with your comfort and relaxation in mind.

I am very proud to bring you a new way to enjoy the benefits of mindfulness.  Inner/Mission Pods

create a space where everyone from newcomers to meditation to the well-versed can easily get their zen on.

Thank you for taking the time to check out Inner/Mission & I am looking forward to helping you on your wellness journey!

To provide convenient, cutting-edge wellness experiences that promote health and improve quality of life. 

A Note from the Founder

Annemarie Ruggiero, Founder, COTA/L, CWCC


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