Does an Inner/Mission employee stay during the entire reservation?

Yes, we stay for the entire reservation, setting up each participant for their session. 

How many people can use the pod during a 3-hour reservation?

This primarily depends on the promptness of participants arriving for their assigned time. With 15-minute time slots, which allows for plenty of entrance and exit time and cushion for people arriving late/early, we have found that approximately 25 people can use 2 pods in 3 hours.

What if I have more people that want/need to experience the pod?

You can book up to 2 pods. The pods can be booked for additional time or for the entire day if available. You can also book an additional day for us to come back. 

How much space do the pods require & do they need anything else?

Each pod requires 5ft by 5ft of space. 2 pods can be set next to each other and require 10ft by 5ft of floor space. Access to an electrical outlet is also required. 

How does the process work with people signing up for their time in the pod?

People can sign-up ahead of time with a sign-up sheet provided by us, using our signup.com service, or we can do walk-up sessions. It really depends on the location, event, amount of anticipated participants, and your preference. 

Do you have a location that someone can come use the pod? 

The pods only travel to you at this time. 

Will you offer a 3rd pod soon for more capacity?

Yes! Pod #3 will be available March/April 2020!

Feel free to call or text us with any other questions!






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